Sunday, June 13, 2010

The_Ferret Detects And Busts "DocChuck's"/Charles Richard Treuter's Internet Posted Bullshit

The_Ferret Detects and Cuts Through/Busts
DocChuck's/Charles Richard Treuter's Posted Internet Bullshit

On June 4, 2010 the sociopathic psychopath who calls himself "DocChuck" and 50 or more other handles he uses across the Internet posted the following and in doing so once again exposes himself to the world as the pathological liar that he is, reveals what a moronic imbecile he is, and gets himself busted once again by this commissioned investigator:

"DocChuck" has repeatedly attempted to call into question Kenneth W. Treuter's academic background and the academic degrees he has earned, unlike Charles Richard Treuter's false claims to academic achievements he NEVER accomplished and for degrees and/or designations he NEVER earned or was awarded.  In fact the "Doc" created a Blog dedicated solely to his inane attempt to discredit both Kenneth W. Treuter and his academic degrees.  He can't do it and will never be able to do so because Kenneth W. Treuter stands on solid and unshakable ground.

Nonetheless, below is a sample of Charles Richard Treuter's baseless and meritless drivel:  
Kenneth Wayne Treuter blogs (on MySpace) that he has an extensive education and has 'earned' numerous degrees including:

• B.B.A. from Ambassador College (Pasadena, CA) 1970 - 1973 
• LL.B. from LaSalle Extension University (Chicago, Illinois) 1993-1994
• LL.M. from Columbia Pacific University (Novato, CA)
BUSTED:  All three of the above references to Kenneth W. Treuter's academic degrees are purposely misdated by "DocChuck"/Charles Richard Treuter.  It's an easy enough thing to read the true and correct statements of Kenneth W. Treuter's higher education information at:
Take note of the purposely imbecilic variance in dates which Charles uses in his failed attempts to discredit the actual facts which Kenneth W. Treuter’s academic background.  Enough said about Charles’ lack of veracity and/or credibility.

Let us closely examine some of these “Colleges” and “Universities” that Kenneth Wayne Treuter ‘attended’ and the ‘degrees’ that the COLONEL claims to have 'earned':

Ambassador College:  Ambassador College (went out of business in 1997) was a four-year, liberal arts college run by theWorldwide Church of God. The college was established in PasadenaCalifornia by radio evangelist Herbert W. Armstrong, leader of what was then the Radio Church of God, later renamed the Worldwide Church of God.
The campus is now the site of the 
International Alert Academy (Air Land Emergency Resource Team), and was used to accommodate refugees from Hurricane Katrina in the fall of 2005. The campus golf course, renamed Embassy Hills Golf Course, is now open to the public.
BUSTED:  Obviously "DocChuck"/Charles Richard Treuter needs to do better "research" as a supposed "Dr./EdD/PhD" in education and psychology - both claims are wholly bogus but then even  if they weren't one is naturally inclined to ask if this is what passes for DOCTORAL-quality "research"? LOL!!!  The actual facts and truth of the matter is that the former Worldwide Church of God Ambassador College Campus is thoroughly discussed on a number of links on the Internet and can be easily Googled.  Below are just two out of hundreds.  Charles is truly a moron, i.e., "Doctor Moron!"

USED TO ACCOMMODATE REFUGEES FROM HURRICANE KATRINA IN THE FALL OF 2005?  DocMoron/DocChuck/Charles Richard Treuter is not only lacking in research skills he is also delusionally full of shit!  ABSOLUTELY SIDE-SPLITTINGLY LAUGHABLE WHAT THE "DOC" POSTS AS FACT(S).

KWT claims to have obtained a “DEGREE” in ‘Theology’ from a defunct ‘college’ run by a bunch of religious wingnuts, and then lists his “DEGREE” as a B.B.A. (amazing!).

COLONEL Kenneth Wayne Treuter is a pathological liar, and is BUSTED!

BUSTED: Here again, the "Doc"/Imbecilic Moron named Charles Richard Treuter at birth proves his inability to research an issue.  Is the 68 year old dipshit suffering from senility or is he, simply put, just that stupid?   Kenneth W. Treuter was awarded the college's liberal arts degree (BBA in Business Administration and Communications and as was true of all of Ambassador College's students received a minor in Theology.  For someone falsely claiming to possess two PhD's the "Doc" is sorely wanting in the ability to research and/or investigate.
LaSalle Extension University (Chicago, Illinois) 1993-1994 where Kenneth Wayne Treuter claims to have earned an LL.B. degree (Bachelor of Laws). This LIE of  Treuter's is most interesting in that the 
United States is the only common law country that no longer offers the LL.B. and has not since 1971. Not only than, LaSalle Extension University went out of business in 1982 --- essentially shut down [sic] by the Federal Government.

In 1973, La Salle Extension University was charged by the FTC (D. 5907) in the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit  "involving misrepresentations about obtaining law degrees through a correspondence course." [24] FTC ruled that the University be required to include a disclaimer in ads for its law distance program that read: "No state accepts any law home study course, including La Salle's, as sufficient education to qualify for admission to practice law."
Yet, the LIAR, Kenneth Wayne Treuter CLAIMS he earned his LL.B. degree from LaSalle Extension University (Chicago, Illinois) 1993-1994 from a school that had been closed for over TEN YEARS and which the Federal Government had ruled that their law degrees were totally useless.

COLONEL Kenneth Wayne Treuter is a pathological liar, and is BUSTED!
No, "Doc" it is you that is BUSTED, BIG TIME!!!  Perhaps you better check the dates and information about which you are spewing.  Check also how many practicing attorneys, how many officials within the United States Armed Forces (a profession you know nothing about due to your cowardice avoidance of serving in the military ALTHOUGH YOU HAVE CLAIMED TO HAVE SERVED - that is perhaps the saddest of all your LIES!!!) former judges, former United States congressional members, and state governors also earned an LLB. from LaSalle Extension University.  You had best also check to see something else about which you are completely BUSTED, i.e., the fact that California and Florida and Georgia and Texas (until the late 1970s all accepted the LaSalle LL.B. degree for use in an applicant's being authorized to sit for their state bar exams - damn, Chuck, you didn't know that?  And you are what?, a retired educator?  TOO FUNNY). 

Now, unlike yourself. who claims to have been a resident student at the University of Houston and the University of Texas in the mid 70s when in fact you worked for S.S. Kresge Co./KMart as a lowly and low paid  trainee and "assistant store manager" in Houston, Texas, Evansville Indiana, and Pensacola Florida until you were FIRED and then criminally prosecuted, Kenneth W. Treuter legitimately earned his accredited law degree.  What a fraud you are, "Doc" who never stepped foot on the campus of the University of Texas as a student much less as a "Doctoral Candidate" earning a PhD in psychology.  What a JOKE!!!  The fact that you are psychotic and in need of the services of a licensed psychologist doesn’t equate to being a psychologist, Moron.

Columbia Pacific University (Novato, CA) where Kenneth Wayne Treuter claims to have earned an LL.M. degree (Master of Laws) and to have “graduated” in 1994. The Master of Laws is an advanced academic degree, or research degree (as opposed to a professional degree in law, such as the Juris Doctor), and is commonly abbreviated LL.M.

That claim (LIE) is awfully strange since (1), Kenneth Wayne Treuter NEVER was a lawyer, and (2), In December 1999, the 
Marin County Superior Court ordered Columbia Pacific University (CPU), of NovatoCalifornia, to cease operations within the State [1,2]. On February 21, 2001, the judge denied further appeals and entered a final judgment ordering CPU to:

• Pay a civil penalty of $10,000 to the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education for violating Sections 17200 et seq. and Sections 17500 et seq. of theCalifornia Business and Professions Code.
• Permanently stop operating or offering any educational programs in California.

COLONEL Kenneth Wayne Treuter is a pathological liar, and is BUSTED!
BUSTED AGAIN "DOC".   Where in GOD's name did you learn to do your research?  Check out this easily located link, imbecile:
Columbia Pacific University (CPU) was an unaccredited non-traditional distance learning school in California.  It was founded in 1975 by Richard Crews, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, and Lester Carr, a former president ofLewis University.  It operated with state approval.  Distance Learning and Education expert John Bear gave “high marks” to the school in his 1982 Bear’s Guide to Non-Traditional College Degrees, 8th edition.

Yes, it's true that CPU was closed by California court order in 2000.  HOWEVER, "Doc", it's also just as true that the Court also ruled that CPU had granted degrees legally between 1978 and mid-1997.  Now, MORON, think about Kenneth W. Treuter’s LL.M. degree which was earned and awarded when?, in 1994, dumbass.  Beats the hell out of a false claim to a non-existent PhD, eh Chuck?

BUSTED, BUSTED, BUSTED:  You see "Doc", Kenneth W. Treuter, unlike you, has nothing to hide and he also doesn't lie but tells it like it is about himself and about you.  This commissioned investigator could write volumes about your infantile and imbecilic claims about yourself and your "wife" (all of which, without a SINGLE EXCEPTION, are wholly fraudulent), the Mormon prison nurse. Further, unlike your false (actually civilly and criminally fraudulent AND actionable/prosecutable by the State of Texas) claim (LIE) that you are a retired university professor (the absolute truth is that you were never a university professor and therefore didn't and couldn't have retired from the profession, PRETENDER EXTRAORDINAIRE), one only need visit the Dallas County, Tarrant County, and Collin County, Texas Courthouses in order to easily document that Kenneth W. Treuter regularly practiced law in all three of those Texas counties as well as others.